TUCKERBROWNE is a new range of Australian grooming products for men, create by a man with a passion for hair.

The range is designed with men’s grooming needs in mind and a strong belief that these needs evolve and change throughout life, simply put to care for every man’s styling needs with minimal effort

The philosophy is that it’s not always just what you put in but what you leave out of your products that’s important, which is why the TUCKERBROWNE range is paraben and sulphate free – we don’t test on animals either.

All TUCKERBROWNE products are made with sea minerals, marine extracts and natural fragrances to promote scalp, hair and skin health.

  • macrocytis pyrifera extract commonly known as kelp is recognised throughout the world for it’s healing and damage repairing properties.

This is why every TUCKERBROWNE product contains kelp extract as well as many other ocean extracts and minerals.