Salon Health Guidelines UPDATES Covid-19

Hello to all of our wonderful clients. Thank you for visiting our website to obtain an update on our commitment to prevent the spread of the current coronavirus pandemic. As we welcome you back to the salon after the shutdown we ask you to please read the following guidelines and commit to the safety of our team and yourself whilst in our care.

  • Our commitment to the regulations will be to manage the number of clients and hairdressers in our salon at any given time.   (based on 4 square metres per person).
  • We request that only you attend your appointment. Your family are no longer able to join you and there is no longer any provision to accomodate them to wait for you whilst you attend the salon. Your car will be their waiting area. 
  • If you have been travelling in the last month and are required to be in self isolation please do not come to the salon. Maintain your isolation, we can deliver products to you to support you until your isolation period is over. If you have been unwell or are currently unwell please reschedule your appointment as soon as you are able or if it is possible 24hours prior at the latest. 
  • We have provided hand sanitiser in three locations throughout the salon and you must use it upon your arrival at Jonathan Ward Hair (JWH). Please feel free to continue to use it during your visit. 
  • Our team clean and disinfect all surfaces thoroughly not just on the high contact areas such as doors, handles, point of sale devices, counters and displays. Your  JWH salon chair and bench are also disinfected prior to your use and the team do this this with every item that they or you come into contact with using appropriate disinfection procedure. All towels and capes are single use only and laundered correctly in house. Please do not unnecessarily touch surfaces or products nilly willy. 
  • There are  reminders and cues about precautions around the JWH salon, for social distancing, hand hygiene, cough and sneeze behaviour please follow them ruthlessly, because your life does depend on it 
  • Please be thoughtful and bring a mask to wear especially if you feel that you may have come in to contact with someone who has the corona virus.. This protects both you and the team at Jonathan Ward Hairdressing. There will be times when it will need to be removed and we will discuss this with each client individually.
  • All team members at JW Hair will be wearing masks whilst they perform your service, and they will be following all necessary precautions to ensure both your safety and that of the salon team.
  • If you require a bespoke appointment due to your own personal situation this can be arranged and you should submit this request by phoning the salon and speaking with Jackie or in writing via email, addressing the issue and highlighting your requested stylist.
  • Frontline healthcare workers are the angels that walk amongst us. You are all most welcome to attend the salon at any time as we believe we are implementing the correct procedures to protect you. If we can be of any support to you in any way or you have further recommendations please do not hesitate to contact Jackie or Jonathan for assistance.

We thank you for your ongoing support of us during this time and appreciate that you will follow these simple health guidelines. Please note that under the pandemic health legislation we reserve the right to refuse you entry to the salon if you cannot commit to these conditions, knowing this will never happen but needs to be stated. We look forward to seeing you happy, healthy and with great hair. 

The team at JWH